Coaching for Centreboard Sailing


The club has been lucky enough to have contracted a professional sailing coach.  Robbs is an extremely experienced sailor and coach, and is one of those rare people who has a gift for teaching and inspiring others. The coaching sessions he is running for the summer months of 2015-2016 are as follows:

Tuesday: 3.30-6.30 –   Single handed boats including Opti, P-Class, Open Bic,  Starlings & Lasers
Thursday: 3.30-6.30 – 2 Handed boats including 420, 29er & Sunburst
Friday 3.30-6.30 –  Learn to Race
Saturday 2pm-5pm – Youth Classes: 420, 29er, Catamaran, Laser and Windsurfer. 
Sunday 10am-1pm  – Learn to Race
Sunday Afternoon 2pm onwards – Club Racing

Cost information: 

Our year is split into three 4-month terms. Pre-Christmas, Post-Christmas, and Winter. 

  • One coaching session per week is $100 per term.
  • Two or more coaching sessions per week is $200 per term.  

If you’ve got questions or require more information give Robbs a call on 021 858 897.

School Holiday coaching: 

We also run coaching in the school holidays which are concentrated sessions over four days from 10am-4pm.

  • Learn-To-Sail Level 1 and 2 – cost $185 per sailor
  • Level 3 – cost $120 per sailor
  • Youth Class – cost $120 per sailor

Please note – if a sailor is already enrolled in weekly coaching these courses are offered at a discounted rate. 

Boat Hireage: 

If you’re a club member – we have a fleet of junior boats which are free to use, along with youth classes which come at a small fee. 

Junior club boats include 6 optimists, 2 starlings, and 3 sunbursts. 


Youth classes include: 

  • Windsurfer Techno: $10 per day
  • 420:  $10 per day
  • 29er: $15 per day
  • Catamaran: $15 per day

These boats are also available to lease for the season.